We at Fitness Solutions offer a variety of classes from HIIT cardio and resistance training through to stretching and physio sessions.  The cardio sessions vary from 30 minute high intensity blasts for those who have limited time schedules through to the full hour cardio workouts. These sessions are slightly less intense and cover excellent warm up routines at the start and incorporate abdominal sets at the end before stretching down. We also cater for those who have slight disabilities such as the blind etc as we see no reason why anyone can’t train in one format or another. We also cater for those who need to strengthen limbs pre hip or knee surgery or post operations which need ease of movement to maintain stability, the list is endless. Just ring to book a session or just come along for a chat and see what we have to offer. No weights are required (other than kettlebells) as our system is unique in that you use your own body weight to create the resistance training making for a very safe combination.

Training sessions are based at the Henstead Arts & Craft Centre just outside of Kessingland.

For more information ring me on 07908 964726