Fartlek training is an essential exercise for improving your VO2 lung capacity and creating bigger leaner quadriceps via burning the glucose stored within the leg muscles for faster sprint or hill climb disciplines. These sprint intervals can be achieved by cycling at 100% effort for a 20 second interval then 30 seconds at a steady pace then again 100% effort and so on for three repetitions. If riding on the road, try and use street lights as these are usually spaced at either 50 or 100 m intervals.

Cycling has been put on the map due to Bradley Wiggins winning the Olympics. Since then more and more people have been getting out there and feeling the wind in their hair and putting in the mileage.

Cycling is such a fantastic way to train because it is a low impact sport. When I say low impact, I mean it doesn’t create as much wear and tear on the bodies bone and joint structure as say that of running.

When you cycle almost 60% of your body weight is supported by the saddle so the main bulk of the work is carried out by the legs. That isn’t to say that they do all of the work because you’re arms are still acting as suspension and you’re mid section or core as we call it is supporting you’re torso and keeping everything in line which is critical.

I can help with either one on one or group session riding to advise you in technique and riding in group formation. We can also work on sprint work or just cardio work required for endurance and those longer rides.

What I also offer is a mobile bike fitting service which is essential for you and your bicycle if you intend to ride those longer distances. Why ride a bike which feels uncomfortable when it doesn’t need to be?

If you’re looking to upgrade your bicycle I can advise on parts which would be beneficial and why, as great weight saving can be achieved by upgrading parts as opposed to buying a new bike.

Nutrition is also a major factor in cycling which is highly underestimated as is hydration.

I try to explain to clients that your body is an engine akin to that of a car. If you put £5 worth of fuel in a car your only going to go as far as that £5 of fuel will take you, your body is no different. The amount of times I have been out for a ride in a group session for say a 40-50 mile ride and found that people have brought no nutrition has astounded me. Reluctantly someone has always had to share their stores when that person has hit the wall so to speak and used up all of their carbohydrate stores.

Just to put fuel usage into perspective, when I ride a 100mile race I can expect to burn off over 7000 calories over a 5 hour duration. That’s over 3 times the daily calorie intake for an adult in just 5 hours!

For this reason I also advise in nutrition for cyclists because it is so important, this also goes for hydration because if this isn’t kept in check at a worst case scenario it could lead to organ damage or even death. 90% of the worlds population lives in a state of under hydration. The way to make sure you are hydrated properly is to always make sure you pee clear once a day. This should keep you somewhere in the hydrated zone.