I have always had a passion for training, ever since the age of 16. At the age of 17 I joined Top Bodies Gymnasium in Gorleston where professional body builders such as Simon Cohen (Mr Universe) train. After training here for 12 1/2 years, 4 times a week along side professional athletes. I became very proficient in the art of body building including the techniques and dietary requirements needed to compete and stay healthy.

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Jem Carter

I also served in the military and have toured oversees in Iraq. After leaving the army I thrived for a new challenge and was asked by my new employer to join him in the race of all races, the Marathon Des Sables. This is a race which consists of running 145 miles across the Sahara Desert in four days carrying all the supplies needed to complete the race.

Of course with my military training I jumped at the chance!

I spent the next 1 1/2 yrs getting up at 4:30am every morning to run a 10 mile run before work, I would then either run another 5 miles in my lunch break or run a longer route in the evening.

My average weekly mileage would equate to around 80 miles a week!

Since then I have been training in three types of discipline, extreme cardio, cycling and KALAH. The cardio workouts I design have elements of the Insanity workout, T25 as well as exercises we liked to use in the military to really raise the heart rate.

The system I use is designed by an ex navy seal called Jeremy Strom, and consists of using your own body weight and a bespoke rotational strap system which is different from any used by sports centres and which I am able to use as being affiliated by Jeremy Strom. Not only is this a seriously effective way to train it is also an excellent platform for working with those who have Arthritis, spine and sciatica injuries just to mention a few as it’s only your own body weight that you work with which makes this system so versatile and safe.

I am also an Israeli special forces trained unarmed combat instructor and teach the art of KALAH which is a full contact self defence system which teaches you how survive by protecting yourself and your family if confronted by an attacker or multiple attackers carrying either knives, guns or any other weapon.

I am also qualified in sports nutrition which enables me to offer advice on dietary matters and daily food consumption analysis.

I can also offer advice and written training programs for individual needs based on the type of training discipline required.

I am also CRB checked and happy to work with young adults from the age of 12 upwards if weight problems are an issue. We have no problem with age limits as our oldest client is 82yrs old and still gives the young ones a run for their money.