Our 12 Week lean out program includes,

High intensity cardio and resistance sessions which are only up to a maximum of 6 people at a time as this enables me to give you my full attention as apposed to being lost in the crowd. We also have a non ego atmosphere due to the size of the class so that we can all train together and have some fun and banter as we go. No matter what shape, size or age. The training is tailored to your level as we have 80yr olds training alongside 20yr olds. In our environment everyone is equal!! for every high intensity exercise we do there’s also a low intensity variant which enables us all to train together.

We also provide free weekly BMI assessments so that we can monitor your weekly progress.

Along with this I also provide free Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snack meal plans as this is the key to success.

Motivational wise. For every lbs you lose we pay you a £1. You can’t be fairer than that!!!!

Sessions are either 30 minutes or 1 hour slots although most find 30 minutes is enough to start with if you haven’t trained before. The sessions start off easy as I use this time to assess you but then the military side of me kicks in and then it starts to get tough. It may sound a little scary but if you really want to get fit and see results, this is how it needs to be. My belief is that if you have paid good money to make a difference then I will make sure I guarantee results!


Contact me now on 
07908 964726 
for details and availability.